Our Story

Like many stories of hope, ours begins with struggle. In 2013, Grace Wilsey was diagnosed with NGLY1 Deficiency. Her parents, Matt and Kristen, quickly discovered the incredible challenges they faced. At the time, Grace was one of only six known patients worldwide. Funding for research was nonexistent. The world wasn’t set up to save Grace. So Matt and Kristen did what any good parents would do — they set out to change the world. In doing so, they uncovered rich biology that impacts millions of people. After 5 years of directing a global research network via the Grace Science Foundation, Matt co-founded Grace Science, LLC with Nobel Laureate Dr. Carolyn Bertozzi.


Drug development has been too narrowly focused on individual molecules, targets, and technologies. The Grace Science model has already begun unlocking opportunities across a spectrum of diseases in Oncology and Neurodegeneration. Rather than limiting ourselves to therapies and cures for one disease, we leverage a critical disease pathway. We are agnostic to therapeutic modality and disease area. This frees us to truly let the science guide us. Because we are leveraging a powerful pathway, we are able to share knowledge and tools between programs instead of these being in independent development silos.

Our Values

Patients first
patients are at the front and center of every decision we make
Be open-minded
explore multiple avenues, guided by the science
Move fast
the patients have zero days to lose
build strong bonds with each other and our partners to unite in the mission

Meet Our Leadership

The team is composed of brilliant minds with deep drug development expertise. Co-founder Dr. Carolyn Bertozzi was awarded the 2022 Nobel Prize in Chemistry (the 4th Nobel on our extended team). We seek A+ people in addition to A+ talent. Individuals who see the bigger picture, are empathetic at the core, and are driven to develop cures that improve human life.

Carolyn Bertozzi
Co-founder & SAB Member
Brett Crawford
SAB Member
Yuhua Ji
VP of Drug Discovery
Dan Oppenheimer
Senior Advisor
Len Post
Director & SAB Member
Becky Schweighardt
Chief Scientific Officer
George Sing
Matt Wilsey
Co-founder & CEO

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